March 20, 2011

Chasing the Moon

Come Out Supermoon! Come out! We'll give you cookies!
I have always felt intimately connected to the Moon. An object of intellectual curiosity and visual wonder, emotional longing and universal truth - the Moon feels like my odd, cold, but comforting friend. The Jewish calendar being lunar is another personal connection to, and fascination with the moon.

According to the Jewish calendar, the new month begins when the first sliver of moon becomes visible again after the dark moon. In ancient times, new months were determined by observation.

Well, tonight my side kick Jonah and I tried very hard to see way more than a sliver - we were hoping for the SUPERMOON - the largest, closest moon to Earth that happens once every 18 years - the Super Perigee Moon! Due to high, thin cloud cover our lakeside efforts were for naught. We saw a halo, we saw some light, we saw shadowed clouds, but not the big kahuna. Oh well!

Always being impatient for the whole moon (and obsessive!) -  I like the Moon so very much, a while ago I made one!

Moon pendant

March 18, 2011

WOW!!!! Rockin' Purim in St Petersburg!!!

Do YOU know what PURIM is??? This is the happiest, smiley-est, best-est, most delightful, most affirming, fantastically done Purim piece ever!!!!! Watch and enjoy! I veesh I nooo Rashhin!!! BUT! The translation is below... YAY, YAY and YAY for the talented, great looking, groovy St. Petersburg Hillel! With all that's happening at this time, it feels so, so good to smile.  It's ccccold there in Russia, but this is way warming. 

Hello, I'm Liya Geldman. I'm a senior student at cinema and television university in St. Petersburg. As you know Russia is a multiethnic and multidenominational country. But do Russians really know traditions of other cultures? Today we came here to find out if they know what Purim is.

- Do you know what Purim is?
- Hello, do you know what Purim is?
- Hi Julia, do you know what is Purim?
- Hello, what is Purim?
Doesn't anyone know what Purim is?

Purim! Purim! Purim!
Purim! Purim! Purim!

Celebrating Purim!
Zenit and Haiduck (Russian soccer teams),
Student and coach,
Human and spider,
Patient and surgeon,
NYC, Moscow and Saint Petersburg!

Purim! Also celebrating in Barnaul
People from Penza and Tomsk,
On Kamchatka and in Kerch,
And possibly even on the moon.

Purim! Let's put some make up on!
Whether you are old or young,
Even if you hadn't slept for 3 nights
It's Israeli mega-carnival!

Purim! We highly recommend it.
The plot is twisted,
It happened almost 3000 years ago
So it might be hard to remember
Where's good and where's bad

So choose for yourself who's good and who's bad
Here's the Mordehai the Jew, King Ahashverosh.
Where's Vashti? The Tzar's ex-wife?
But maybe Hamman could be the Bad Guy?

Imagine for a while that we're in Babylon,
Who's the star on this dark sky? Esther!
Here's a lesson for now and in 600BC
If you're brave, you've got the power!

We'll scream together Mazal Tov!
Our glass is full to the brim.
With what? Lets fill it with wine
And drink it all up.
And during this Purim we'll change the world!

Oleg Dremov

Additional thx to Evgeny Levitin, Liya Geldman, Sergey Teplov, Sonya Mladenova, Sonya i Megan, Anya, Sofa, Sasha, Vitya, Ira, Pasha, Kolya and others.