February 14, 2012

The Defination of Love - Part II

Daliah and Kyan
When work is truly a labor of love it gives back way more than a living. Daliah and Kyan are such precious gifts.  A year ago I blogged of our friendship in "The Definition of Love".  Time moves on. Kyan is three. Our lives continue to change and evolve in all directions. Daliah is now the chief clinical officer at the Aids Foundation of Chicago - incredible work for an incredible woman. Kyan, a Lego architect, explores everything within, and not within, reach. 

For Valentines day Daliah got Kyan "Love" in bronze on a cotton cord (vegan), and for herself "18=Chai=Life".

Life = Love. Love = Life.
The difference a year makes. The definition of love.

Thank you Daliah and Kyan.
Happy Valentines Day, happy everyday. 


  1. You are the definition of love and it speaks so much in your jewelry.


  2. I love you NB.
    You make it all worth it.
    XO Love, MW