May 30, 2012

Remembering Lauren Runzel

Lauren Runzel
I met Lauren Runzel about 15 years ago in the GAP. For me, it was an "ah ha" moment. For her, a quick distracted conversation.

She was all that - tall, lanky, striking, wearing tight cropped jeans she cut off herself, old skool looking bowling shoes, a little tight jacket and tee. At the time she had a pixie cut and was hollering "Harrison!!!" to a curly haired dervish running wild in the store.

At the register I stared, unabashedly, unable to hide my instant girl-crush. I asked her how old he was, "He's two, the youngest of my 6 kids".  Me, "SIX?".  Lauren, "Yeah, I've never had this much fun, it's wild." Me, "Wow..."

I caught her name - Lauren.... that awesome Lauren woman.

Years later, we lived in the same town. I had three boys and became a jewelry designer. She, a former model, owned an incredibly hip (of course) boutique - GAVIN. I went in to sell her my work. She loved the line and ordered.

I was finally able to tell her about how I met her in the GAP 15 years ago, how she was an inspiration, how she was frenzied and yelling after a beautiful boy with floppy blonde curls... how she, in that quick exchange, made a lasting impression, and changed me in a subtle but significant way....

I might have held back a bit.... but she was so bold and out there herself it felt totally normal. And she liked hearing it....

And, she was stunning, and wearing a wig, and had just come from chemo, but you'd never have guessed it unless she told you.

Thinking of Lauren, her family, and the many others she changed, without even knowing it.

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  1. I remember her as one of the prettiest girls who wet to ETHS. She was two years ahead of me and was extremely popular and always nice.
    She lived a full life but so sad to see her go this early.