November 22, 2012

Thankful for The Periodic Table of Elements, friendship, and everything

Fe-Iron = Strength, Paired with AU-Gold = Heart of

The Periodic Table of Elements had been hanging over my bench on my "inspiration board" for over a year. Everyday I'd glance at it pondering both mysterious elements (Y-Yttrium ??), as well as the familiar Fe-Iron. I've always loved it's utilitarian design. The Periodic Table was a friendly and intriguing companion, for which I had no clear plan. I just liked it.

Last spring, I asked a close, trusted, brilliant scientist friend of mine if there was something she'd like to see in the new collection. Slightly exasperated she replied, "Oh man, I don't know... I'm NOT creative... ask me about the Periodic Table and I could tell you something..."

WOAH, Did she just say PERIODIC TABLE? Yes she did.

She then added, "Please don't be mad at me, I'm just not creative like that..."

Mad? NO - I'm amazed, thrilled... I'm delighted.

I immediately emailed a photo of my "inspiration board" and explained how I've been geeking out on the chart for over a year and I now know why. THANK YOU. That's it - the Periodic Table of Elements.

She laughed and said, "Make Fe-Iron, make it for Iron woman".
Of course. Done.

It's now Thanksgiving. The Periodic Table of Elements debuted. My Fe-Iron woman friend has given me more than I could ever thank her for. She is wickedly funny, witty, insightful, and endlessly inspiring. She is also a warrior, a fighter like I've never seen. She's in a battle, and she will be undefeated. If anyone is Fe-Iron, it is her.

Thankful and so very grateful for the most elemental gift - a true friend.

Happy, healthy Thanksgiving to all.

Periodic Table of Elements

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