January 07, 2011

Kristy Cammeron - Lincoln Square Style Phenom, in her MarLa studio

Kristy Cammeron wearing her toggle necklace
Kristy Cammeron manages Belly Bum, a gorgeous concept boutique for moms/babys/kids in Lincoln Square. She called me one frenzied pre-Xmas morning in serious want/need of a toggle necklace. Understanding the urgency, (jewelry emergencies are real) the MarLa-mobile swung by the very next day.  As soon as I saw Kristy I had a "wow" moment!  OOOOH! It's her! The incredibly cool, stylish, intriguing, hipster chick I've seen in the 'hood before!  She saw the necklace on the owner - Ellen Sternweiler - after Ellen bought it from me at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative (incredible place which I'll blog about soon!). Unfortunately I missed seeing Ellen at my drive-by-drop-off or she'd be in the pic too.
AND... Yes - Kristy is as real, fun, funny and terrific as I imagined her.  A  most happy, satisfying ending to a very cold, busy day.

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