January 20, 2011

Profile: Joy DuPuis' Raw Vision

Joy making art, wearing the Hand in bronze
Joy DuPuis, the daughter of Protestant Missionaries, grew up in the international expat community of Vienna, Austria.  She vividly remembers traveling to communist Romania as a ten year old - on a mission. She was told not to talk to the border police about what they do, not to discuss anything in the hotel, car, or in public. She understood they were always being followed and taped.  Yes - Joy learned very young that a big life of meaning happens through giving - through sharing goodness, practical skills, and hard earned knowledge.
Fast-forward to now! Evasnton, Illinois  - the business is RawRah!  Joy's teaching others how to create the most unbelievable, nutrient dense, live/raw/organic, beyond delicious, meals in a passionate, accessible way.  A trained homeopath, she knows the healing power of seriously good food. In this photo Joy's wearing the bronze Hand as she nonchalantly instructs and fills the plates with, quite possibly, the very best thing you may eat - ever.

For a schedule of group classes you can email Joy at  joydupuis@mac.com.

Joy's blog: http://myfood4thoughttoday.blogspot.com/

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