January 16, 2011

Model Feature: Jessica

Jessica wearing Double Hammered Discs, Beauty.Kindness.Compassion & Hand
Just yesterday,  I was describing my close friend (and model) Jessica to another friend.  While doing this, I realized how all my models are strong, somewhat fearless, individuals who crafted their lives in brave, compelling ways. They inspire me. That I got all of them together one hot June afternoon, on time, and ready to shoot, still amazes me.  Over the next few months I'll feature each of them, and my very incredible photographer - Pixie Spindel.
For now - it's Jessica!

We first met in a vegetarian restaurant at the self serve counter. She had a toddler boy on her hip and was having an animated conversation with an old friend she'd just bumped into. As he was telling her good news, she swung her dark brown hair to the other side, readjusted her son, smiled big with her blue eyes twinkling, and exclaimed "Mazel Tov!!!".  Well, from then on, I was in serious girl-love with my soon to be friend - my "Mazel Tov!" queen - Jessica.

Right out of college, with a degree in theater, she founded, directed, and managed a theater company whose audience was children - in hospitals.  Quickly her unusual troupe won donations and recognition. As a young single Mom she completely retrained herself. Quietly, and with great discipline, she gathered and practiced the skills necessary to succeed in law school. With a grounded sense of idealism, tenacity and passion she entered law school and graduated in the top 10% of her class.  I watched in awe as she was raising a school age son, reading hundreds of pages a night, writing hundreds of pages, taking grueling exams, rarely sleeping, and still looking lovely, composed, and energized.  She passed the Bar last summer and is applying for jobs while continuing her Masters in Law - specializing in international trade.  Her goal - to one day feed the world through fair agricultural trade laws.

For graduation I gave her the long necklace she's wearing in the pic - Beauty, Kindness, Compassion with the Hand. It's her. 

An honor to know you, Jess. MAZEL TOV!

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